FAQs - Kettlebell Training

1. Why Kettlebell Classes?

The kettlebell is the preeminent tool for maximizing muscular strength, cardiovascular health--interval training, and core conditioning--and it can ALL be done at the same time, in the same workout, without your feet ever leaving the ground. It beats any other fitness tool for the results you desire.

Our class format allows for:

So combine the best tool for the job with "like-minded" individuals at a cost that's right for your bank account and you have a recipe for success!

2. Why Is Your Program More Expensive Than A Gym Membership?


We engage in a personal relationship with you, very similar to one you would have with a personal trainer. We teach you how to move your body, how to use the kettlebell, design your workouts for you, guide you in positive lifestyle choices and behavioral change, and answer any health and fitness questions you may have. You are assured expert instruction from industry-leading professionals affiliated with the StrongFirst--the World's First and Leading Kettlebell Instructor Certification Program (for more information, go HERE). Not only that, we also have fun, quarterly events planned for you that build community.

Now, ask yourself, "Does my gym do ALL that?"

3. What are my payment options again?

You have three options:

The reason we prefer you pay in full before you start your classes is for your benefit: Cash is commitment. If you don’t pay, you’ll make excuses not to play. The bottom line is that we want you to see and feel results that you may not be used to getting. This can only be done over the course of time through consistent and intelligent exercise design and the application of nutritional strategies for results, which we provide for you here at Rapid Results Fitness.

4. I haven’t exercised in a long time. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to keep up with the pace of the class.

That’s perfectly understandable. The classes are designed for you and the veteran exerciser. We start you with the very basics of exercise so you are successful right at the start. You will notice that you get in shape very quickly both from a strength and stamina perspective. Our classes are designed to challenge everybody, regardless of their exercise experience.

5. I have had injuries in the past. Can I still do this style of workout?"

Absolutely--as long as you have your physician's clearance. The exercises you will learn are very good for old injuries such as shoulders and backs. In fact, most people experience improved flexibility and strength in areas of old injury.

6. How exactly does the class scheduling work? Will I be able to attend different times during the week?

Ideally, you should choose to attend classes either M-W-F (Schedule A) or T-Th-Sa (Schedule B) to build a consistent exercise program. However, life is hectic and often unpredictable. So you will be able to come to any class you want if you miss your scheduled class.

For further questions, feel free to call (919-403-8651) or e-mail (info@rapidresultsfitness.net) Rapid Results Fitness.