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SFG User Course

SFG Kettlebell Course Wilmington, NC September 17, 2017 9am-5pm
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SFG Kettlebell Course Durham, NC December 3, 2017 9am-5pm

The one-day SFG Kettlebell Course is more than entry-level user instruction for the AK-47 of exercise equipment—the kettlebell. It is education in moving strong.

No previous kettlebell experience is required. No matter what your goals are, we strongly urge you to take this Course. On one end of the spectrum, subtleties taught in this Course have been instrumental in helping Donnie Thompson make a breakthrough in strength while making back problems a thing of the past—and eventually breaking the 3,000 pound world superheavyweight powerlifting total record. On the other end is Tracy Reifkind, who lost over 100 pounds in less than a year.


  • Kettlebell training safety procedures.
  • Essential joint mobility exercises.
  • Sophisticated breathing techniques for strength, back safety, endurance, and reducing the stress level.
  • “Hip-centric” (McGill) movement, a must for strength and back health.
  • Strength Stretching™ principles and key exercises which enable greater expression of strength while dramatically reducing the back, hip, and knee stress.
  • “Lat-centric” shoulder mechanics which protect the shoulder while significantly increasing strength.
  • The most “functional” exercise—the deadlift.
  • A powerful drill for strengthening the feet and the ankles and injury proofing the hamstrings—the one-leg deadlift.
  • The single most beneficial exercise anyone can do—the swing.
  • The get-up—your strongman mentor.
  • The most foolproof squat—the goblet squat.
  • A foundation for barbell skills (this course is a prerequisite for our barbell course).
  • What GPP really is and how to program it. Misunderstanding of general physical preparation, prevalent in the West, even among coaches, prevents one from reaching his or her athletic potential and predisposes him or her to injuries.
  • The principles of effective program design refined and condensed from the Russian methodology.
  • A number of foolproof program design tools and sample programs for a variety of training goals.

Kettlebell Breakthrough

Sunday, November 8, 2015 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time)
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Opposing Force Training
5401 Patton Drive, Suite 122
Lisle, IL 60532
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This workshop is designed for those who have begun their journey of kettlebell training, whether as an instructor or practitioner, and want to bust through obstacles or plateaus so they can take their skills to the NEXT LEVEL! This workshop is PERFECT for you if any of the following apply:
  • You need help fine tuning your kettlebell skills to achieve new levels of strength and performance in your training.
  • You need guidance on how to design highly effective kettlebell programs for yourself or clients.
  • You have questions on how to fix common sticking points with clients.
  • You have taken a StrongFirst Kettlebell User Course and want to progress toward a StrongFirst Kettlebell certification.
This workshop will be led by Betsy Collie and Daniel Lona to help you accelerate your own training and, if you are an instructor, that of your clients. The workshop is broken down into three sections:
  • Technique/Form
  • Program Design
  • Coaching Clients
Each section will contain planned instruction as well as opportunities to have your questions answered on all of the above subjects. So come with questions written down and ready to be addressed!


We will check your form on the Basic Six Kettlebell movements (Swing, TGU, Squat, Clean, Press & Snatch) and provide individualized feedback on what you can do to improve. In addition, we will: Teach you how to correct the most common mistakes in each of these kettlebell movements. Answer your most pressing questions on how to dial in your technique, or those of your clients.


In this section, we will teach you:
  • Fundamentals for creating an effective kettlebell program.
  • Strategies for breaking through strength plateaus.
  • How to design a kettlebell program for beginners.
  • Plus, have your specific questions answered on program design!


In this section, solutions will be offered to your biggest challenges in teaching your clients. Questions are welcome on any subject and can include :
  • How to give proper cueing to help your clients improve their technique.
  • How to safely work around a client's injuries or other physical limitations.
  • How to teach kettlebell in a group setting.
  • Learn the proper sequence and timing that kettlebell movements should be taught to new clients to ensure safety and proficiency.
Betsy Collie is a Senior SFG Instructor with StrongFirst and the owner of Rapid Results Fitness in Durham, North Carolina. Daniel Lona has been teaching the StrongFirst methods of kettlebell for four years and is the owner of Lona Fitness in Chicago, Illinois.

Both instructors have made a life-long commitment to helping everyday people achieve strong, fit bodies through kettlebell training . We are extremely excited about taking you to the next level in your training and coaching!