Rapid Results Fitness - KB workout DVD

This video is intended to help you achieve effective, time-efficient kettlebell training so you can achieve the body you want and still have time for more fun in your life!

We want to help you take the guess work out of training with sure fire workout designs that you can do at home safely, effectively, and in a timely manner. As RKC Level 2 Certified kettlebell instructors, we not only train you in how to use the kettlebells safely, but we also teach you the body mechanics behind the movements. This form of training is total body all the time, thus producing faster results in strength gains, fat loss, cardio conditioning, and even rehabilitation of injuries in half the time.

Keep in mind however, this video is not intended as an instructional video on how to use kettlebells.

This video is for the kettlebell enthusiast who has already been exposed to the kettlebell training basics.

Again, the purpose of this video is to show you how you can put those basics together in order to achieve the body you want when you don’t have a lot of time to train.

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Testimonial #1

I just wanted to tell you that I love your and Betsy's video. You guys are great! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you make it fun and light-hearted. I didn't expect to get Z-health stretches as a bonus, nice!!

I really like the new take on TGEs, as I have never started them from the side, or done a bridge as part of them. I don't think there is a muscle in the body you don't use at some point.

Hey, congratulations on being one of the top ten Kettlebell instructors in Dragon Door, what an honor!

Thanks again for a great workout!!

Debbie Hilliard B Battalion 1
Cary Fire and Rescue

Testimonial #2

Betsy's DVD carried me through the Holiday's when I was too busy to get to her Kettle bell classes.

I have arrived in the New Year without any extra pounds to shed ! I was able to pop in her DVD and get a great workout in while my kids were nestled all snug in their beds.

I am so excited to be able to train with Betsy by DVD on the days when my schedule prevents me from getting to her class.

There are 3 workouts to choose from and , if done weekly, you will see Rapid Results. She guides you through each workout with a smile on her face ... but don't be fooled - she has trained Navy SEALS!

She is extremely careful about teaching correct form and results are guaranteed . Her DVD is really well executed and easy to use whether you are just beginning to train with Kettle bells or you have been swinging them for a while.

Betsy Collie is a living, breathing example of what regular Kettle Bell training can do for a body . A world class instructor , Betsy is an inspiration to all of us who are blessed to be in her class !

Liza Howell
Chapel Hill, NC

"My form and posture used to falter in the latter stages of a run but, the strength, power, and balance I've developed using Betsy's Time Efficient Training for Optimal Results Kettlebell DVD helped me stay strong throughout my last 10- mile trail run where I achieved a personal best by over four minutes!"

Joe Nuss
Editor of Endurance Magazine


Endorsement #1

Are you familiar with the basic kettlebell lifts and looking for professionally designed workouts to improve your body composition?—Get Time Efficient Training by Betsy Collie and Tim Anderson.

—Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of Enter the Kettlebell! and Return of the Kettlebell

Endorsement #2

Time Efficient Training for Optimal Results DVD offers you the chance to train with two excellent RKC instructors right in your home. Tim and Betsy have put together three basic (not to be confused with easy) workouts perfect for getting "Optimal Results". Get started with the mobility drills and grab your Kettlebell, all you have to do is follow along till fit.

Brett Jones, Master RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS