Betsy Collie Reviews


The Kettlebelle.

By Liz P. / Durham, NC, USA

Words fail to describe the phenomenon that is Betsy. A talented businesswoman and fabulous physical role-model with endless day-to-day stamina, Betsy gives clear, intelligent, and precise analysis of body movement during every class. She manifests a deep commitment to the basic mechanics of kettle bell work and the constant tweaking it entails. Her creative workouts adjust to bathing suit season or post-holidays with explosive energy. Her knowledge and attention to the debilitated have demonstrated over and over that whatever your physical problem, as long as you have Betsy, kettle bells can make you whole again.

She teaches us to breathe, she teaches us to finish what we start, she teaches us that we are strong, she forces us to stretch – all with endlessly new and interesting movements and routines. She is a master at discerning the details of physical variation that is her client body (we are a motley crew of all ages, shapes, and types). I am a 50 year old woman who can now do 10 beautiful push-ups and plank for more than a minute. My cross-court forehand is devastating. I feel strong, confident, and well because of Betsy’s skill as an instructor. The coolest thing is that Betsy trains football teams, Navy Seals, and RKC initiates, and still finds time to cheer on the rest of us. Thank you so much, Betsy.

10/10 Training with Betsy is a life changing experience!

By Louis Giordano / Hillsborough, USA

When I started training with Betsy just over 2 years ago, I was more than 30 lbs heavier, stressed out, not sleeping well, and lacking in confidence. Training with Betsy helped motivate me to grow stronger, manage my stress, improve my sleep, and my overall fitness has improved tremendously. Over this time, I have been inspired to obtain a set of kettle bells for my home, because besides training with Betsy 3 days per week, I need to train at home on alternate days. Kettle bell training is like a drug to me now thanks to Betsy. Her positive, affirming, encouraging personality makes training a pleasure, yet her attention to form ensures I can train well and continue to improve. I recommend that all my clients train with Betsy as part of their total wellness program. Thank you Betsy for what you do and mostly for who you are.

10/10 Passion and tough love

By Christopher Cardinali RKC / Holtsville, NY, USA

I met Betsy at the September 2011 RKC. She was my team leader. She showed a passion not just for teaching kettlebells, but also teaching others the correct form for an exercise. She was not the type to pull any punches. She would tell what was wrong andhow to correct it. I learned a lot from her at the RKC. She was also very patient with me and the other students. She kept working on our technique to fine tune it and make us better people. If your looking for an instructor with passion who gives a dam about your health and well being, then please contact Betsy. You won't regret it. I know I didn't.

10/10 Betsy is the best!

By Stephen Fulgham / NYC, USA

When I went to RKC I didn't really know what to expect from a team leader. Betsy is what I had hoped my team leader would be. She is clearly knowledgeable of not only KB movements, but human movement in general. she is passionate about fitness and about others benefiting form fitness. She practices what she preaches and is in amazing shape herself and performs the movements flawlessly. She does not compromise and demands excellence and at the same time meets people where they are and has tremendous patience. trainers at my gym are using the knowledge I shared with them that I received from Betsy. Betsy was eager to support in any way throughout the weekend and still has been since. I am grateful that I was matched up with such an awesome coach and person. Thank you, Betsy.

10/10 The Best Teacher

By Nan Sirirat / Vicksburg, MS, USA

Betsy has very good energy that encourages me to keep learning and improving my techniques despite the gruel workouts we had to go through during the RKC weekend. Having her as my team leader significantly contributed to my success in passing the RKC certification. I learned one very important lesson from her - activating my lats. It changed my workouts forever. No more pain on my shoulders. Thank you to Betsie.

10/10 Awesome RKC TL Instructor

By Jose Ramos / Totowa, NJ, USA

I had the honor and privilege of being with Team Collie during my RKC Certification in Philly on Oct 2011. It was a great experience. The instruction, knowledge, and attention to detail really impressed me. Betsy had some many great corrective techniques and cueing of body positioning. She help bring many of my KB movements up to RKC standard. She is a total world class instructor / coach. Betsy is a great representation of the RKC organization. I can not recommend Betsy enough.

10/10 Utmost Respect!

By Sheena Potts - RKC / Allentown, NJ, USA

I had the pleasure of being assigned Betsy as my Team Leader for the RKC Philly this September. She's incredibly knowledgeable and her attention to detail of technique is inspiring. What was great for me was her personality and calming presence. The nerves of RKC were gripping, but you could feel she wanted you to do well and succeed. She'll be on you when needed and provides great feedback where necessary. I have the utmost respect for Betsy as she inspires not just by her quality of instruction but that she practices what she preaches. I agree with many of the reviews below. She rocks!! Thanks for everything Betsy!

10/10 Elegance of the "Beauty" and strenght of a "Beast"

By Andressa Costa / Brooklyn/Sag Harbor, NY

Thank you so much for making my RKC level 1 certification a memorable and pleasant experience! At all moments, you had the elegance and patience to show us (as many times as we needed):

The flow and beauty of TGUs,
The strength and power breathe of pullups,
The technique for a better snatch, and
The experience how to best teach a client,
You rock inside and out!

10/10 Excellent Instructor!

By Jen Rader, RKC / Bethlehem, PA, USA

I had the pleasure of working with Betsy at the Philly RKC. As my Team Leader, her knowledge, skills and passion were evident throughout the weekend of instruction. She was able to troubleshoot issues with our skills and provide guidance and feedback to help us improve. My RKC weekend was a success! Not only did I earn my RKC, I had the priveledge to work with such a great instructor! I look forward to working with Betsy again in the future!

10/10 Thank You Betsy!

By Ryan Jankowitz / Alexandria, USA

I recently attended the RKC Level I Certication course in Philadelphia, PA. I was more than impressed with the amount of knowledge Betsy , my Team Leader, had and how she was able to effectively communicate it to so many people. I have to admit that at times I was somewhat overwhelmed with all the information being presented to me and the grueling nature of the course only made it harder to relax and learn everything. However, Betsy was able to break everything down in a way that made me feel more comfortable and confident in what I was doing. I know that I was being watched and evaluated the entire time I was there, but I was also watching Betsy work with the other people on my team. I was really impressed how she was able to troubleshoot so many different problems with so many different people. I definitely learned more than a few good tips on how to safely and effectively correct different problems concerning technique. To sum it all up, Betsy rocks!

10/10 What a super kettle bell coach looks like!!!!

By Claudia Moore / Durham, United States

On my birthday this spring, my son - a dedicated kettle bell guy - gave me a gift certificate to train with Betsy I was totally jazzed by this gift (though not so much by the red, white & blue birthday cards from Uncle Sam this year, too)! The reason was I'd not only heard but also seen what a difference training with Betsy had made in my son's life. I had no idea what great stuff was in store for me, too!

From the time of first class - the jump start, I was aware that I was in training with a real expert. Betsy was extremely thorough in her explanation of the moves. We didn't progress till we had the basics down pat! It was clear that she is extremely knowledgable about how the body works and what moves maximize strength and flexibility. I was and continue to be impressed by the depth of Betsy's knowledge and her expertise in helping me achieve goals that I never dreamed I'd achieve!

Tough as they can be, classes with Betsy are terrific. The routines are varied and graded for levels of ability and strength. However, it's Betsy's constant attention to my form and helping me improve that sets her head and shoulders above any other trainer I've worked with.

Though I belong to a generation that all but missed the fitness thing, I have seen super benefits in all areas of my training - strength, flexibility & endurance - as a result of working with Betsy.

If all this isn't enough, Betsy is not only a fantastic motivator both in the way she offers her trainees a super role model but also through the highly informative emails she sends us to spark our performance. Plus, she is quite simply a lovely person and a whole lot of fun to be around.

Really! What could be better than sweating with a star? Forget about that dancing stuff! Bring on the bells! Thank you, dear Betsy!

10/10 Mentor and Role Model

By Michelle Carlborg - RKC Level 2 / San Diego, United States

I have never met Betsy Collie in person, yet through the power of the internet she helped train me and several other female RKCs in preparation for the RKC Level 2 in July, 2011. One of our colleagues posted a video on Facebook of her progress in learning the strict body weight pull up (a required skill that many females were struggling with including myself). Betsy not only offered advice and corrections via the Facebook post, but she also took the time to make her own video to share with others how she teaches the skill and corrections that could be made. When someone asked if she could make another video so we could view how she engaged her lats in the move, she made another video! This was all on her own time (twice!) and she also continued to coach me through email until I mastered the move. Though she could have charged all of us a fee for "online training" she never asked for anything in return for her coaching...other than for all of us to master the skill and pass the training! She truly defines the words mentor and role model. Her vast experience and expertise has earned her title of RKC Team Leader and she continually serves as a resource to other trainers. She is extremely passionate about her job and genuinely cares about the success of others. If you are lucky enough to live in the Durham area and can train with Betsy, do not miss the opportunity to work with this exceptional trainer. She helped me go to the next level via video and email. Imagine what she can do for you in person!

10/10 Betsy rocks!

By Eric Moss / Hopatcong, USA

I had the privilege of assisting Betsy at the Philly RKC. Betsy is extremely friendly, approachable and knowledgeable which made it easy to go to her if I couldn't get one of the candidates to understand what we were trying to teach them. During technique testing I learned things about my own technique that had instant applicability that had gone unnoticed by other extremely knowledgeable instructors. If you ever cross paths with Betsy you are lucky because put quite simply (the best way to put it), Betsy rocks!

10/10 The Best of the Best

By Linda Mertens RKC / Plymouth, MN

Besty is a phenomenal instructor and mentor. She has helped me with opening a kettlebell studio. Betsy's advice has been of great help to me in getting my business going. Her knowledge of training and owning a business is absoultely amazing and is endless. Her passion for kettlebell training is unbelievable and she is someone I look to as a role model in this industry. For all those in the Raleigh/Durham area, head to Rapid Results Fitness to get into the shape of your life!!

10/10 Caring and helpful

By Shari Wagner, RKC, CK-FMS / Aurora, CO

I'm an RKC instructor with a client who has MS. I knew about the disease, but I was looking for advice on how to safely train someone with MS in a group class. A web search led me to Betsy. I know of Betsy since she?s a team leader, but we have never met. I emailed Betsy asking if she would mind giving me some advice with my client and she graciously offered her help.

Aside from the kettlebell advice, Betsy stressed the importance of good nutrition. I had already been stressing that, but sharing advice from a team leader helped me break through to my client. Even before she implemented nutrition changes, she had a sudden surge in her strength and endurance. As she made changes in her nutrition, it just kept getting better. You can see clarity in her eyes and her energy levels are back to normal. To top it all off, she won first prize in my fat loss challenge!

I can't thank Betsy enough for her advice! She not only helped me grow as a trainer, she helped me help my client.

10/10 Phenomenal instructor!

By Marty Newman / Cambridge, MA

Working with Betsy has been one of the most positive and profound physical training experiences of my life. She is not only an excellent teacher of proper form and execution of various kettlebell exercises but also seamlessly integrates the importance of diet and an overall healthy lifestyle and how these aspects of your life can greatly improve one's performance in physical training. By training with Betsy, I've not only learned a wealth of kettlebell drills but have also learned to complement my workouts with proper nutrition and, as a result, I've achieved a level of fitness I never thought I could reach.

10/10 Bringing out the Best!

By Jennie Brown / Durham, NC USA

Betsy is an incredible fitness leader. She has high expectations of herself and brings out the best in her clients. She is a tremendous motivator. Betsy is a perfectionist in her Kettlebell safety and movements. She is skilled at bringing this same drive for safe and effective Kettlebell movements to her clients. I am just so glad Betsy and her Rapid Results team are here in Durham, NC.

10/10 exercise that changes the way you live...

By Gail Obenour / Durham, NC

Finding exercise that enhances the way you live your everyday life- that is what sets kettlebell training apart. Finding an instructor that encourages you to live differently is what sets Betsy and Rapid Results Fitness apart. I have thoroughly enjoyed the investment that Betsy has made in Kettlebell training. She is passionate about fostering an environment that encourages excellence in fitness which translates into the most basic everyday life movements. I enjoy various forms of exercise and because of KB training- I am able to harnass power and endurance into running and playing tennis. Thank you, Betsy and RRFitness

10/10 Passion for the Bells!

By Kamilah / Raleigh, NC

Betsy is an excellent instructor. She has a true passion for kettlebells that is contagious. She inspired me to seek my own RKC certification and helped prepare me for the intense weekend. She has worked very hard to achieve her level of accomplishment within the RKC ranks and as a business women. After developing and honing my skills with Betsy, and also pulling from my own fitness background, I was able to confidently develop my own kettlebell training programs in Raleigh, NC at Box-2B-Fit Boxing Clubs. Betsy has a wonderful training facility and I truly enjoyed my time training with her and her staff. She is truly dedicated and fully committed to living and teaching the RKC Philosophies and ideals. Betsy, thank you for all your help and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.

10/10 Betsy is the Best!

By Emma Rasiel / Durham, NC

Betsy is fantastic! She makes the workouts challenging and fun. She pushes each of us, individually, to achieve new goals. She also varies the training routines, so it is never boring. While I like to keep fit, I have never before found an exercise class that I actively look forward to, and where I find I am always improving, and always learning. I have colleagues at work who also go to Betsy's class, and when we run into each other we share stories of what we've been doing in class recently. This is how much Betsy's program is a part of our lives.

10/10 Beyond the Call of Duty

By Elle Middleton / Pfafftown, North Carolina

To say that Betsy is an amazing instructor just doesn't say enough, to say that she is talented, hard working and dedicated still doesn't fully explain how she went beyond what she gives to her classes and as a team leader to help me to achieve my goal to get certified as an RKC Instructor. I traveled to Durham a couple of times a month to train with Betsy to prepare myself for the certification. She always made time to work with me outside her already busy schedule and family life to make sure I was on the right tract. She corresponded with me through emails to help and encourage my training and was always available to answer questions or brain storm any issues. She helped find me answers when I had shoulder problems and also took time to provide detailed workouts that allowed me to gain strength and power for the grueling certification process that lay ahead of me. For me to say that Betsy is a great trainer just doesn't fully tell you how impressed I am with a woman that has gone out of her way to help me be the best I can be and join the elite group of RKC Instructors. I give a great deal of credit to Betsy for her adept skills and patience that help me prepare and complete the RKC Instructors course. Thank you Betsy for being such an inspiration and credit to the RKC family and for all the help and instruction you gave me.

10/10 What a Special Instructor

By Sylvia Novinsky / Durham, NC

I started with Rapid Results in May 2009. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999 and had difficulty with an exercise regime since then. It's hard to imagine that in May I started out with a sense that I had no strength, coordination or confidence for that matter in my physical abilities. The hardest part of MS is not living with it, it's living in the expectations of what you shouldn't do or think you can't do. So, very often I would say to myself things are too hard, or what's the point.

Betsy showed me a different way to think about my possibilities and develop a new sense of confidence in myself physically. Sure, I still ache (like everyone else) but I ache from working out and not from sitting around not doing anything.

Betsy: From another of your fans, thank you. You have helped me in ways that go so much deeper than the weight of the bells (although it is nice to sport some muscles).

10/10 Passionate, Thoughtful, Dedicated

By Melissa Hall / Cary, NC

I enjoy participating in technically demanding sports: Dance, Pilates, Mountain Biking, and now Kettlebells. Each of these requires as much of a mental component as a physical component. I enjoy them because half of the fun is working to get my technique down 100%. Betsy is the perfect instructor to do that for me. She not only knows how to perform herself but she has thought through how to communicate it to others. That is the distinction between a great athlete and a great teacher. If you haven't figured it out yet, Betsy is both!! She has a really good eye for determining where you are "missing" it and lots of ideas for how to fix it.

I have met few people as passionate about what they do as Betsy. The enthusiasm and joy she takes in KBs is contagious. She is also extremely dedicated to her students, always striving to bring them the best -as evidenced by the new larger studio, yoga classes, and workshops (go Pistols and Pullups!!). I am SO hooked. (Someday maybe I can be as strong as Betsy...)

10/10 Betsy: Instructor/Educator

By Paul Shepard / Durham, NC

Like others writing here I find Betsy to be an outstanding instructor, actually she's really an instructor/educator. Betsy is always involved, wether it's designing workouts, supervising them with a keen eye for detail, keeping the class moving along with light hearted, often funny, observations, or participating in a segment herself, she builds an experience that is at once challenging and transformative not only of body but mental/emotional attitudes towards fitness and health as well.

As one of the, shall we say, more mature participants and more likely to be slower and give out earlier than others I particularly appreciate Betsy's skill that has helped me not just to return to levels of fitness of thirty plus years ago but also instill a desire and provide the means to reach new levels for the very first time. Thank you, Betsy.

10/10 Time Efficient Workouts!

By Jennie Brown / Durham, NC

What Betsy has developed with Kettlebells and Rapid Results Fitness is truly something unique and special in the fitness industry. I have always considered myself a "fit" person. I have tried most exercise forms and have typically been pleased from a cardiovascular perspective. However, as a female, the anaerobic "weight training" component of my workouts has always been a struggle. I would incorporate weights and just never feel like I saw results ie muscles! Betsy and her team at Rapid Results have changed that. Learning to use Kettlebells has been the best thing in fitness I have ever done. Betsy and her team at Rapid Results put together safe, challenging and effective workouts that challenge me mentally and physically to achieve the best cardiovascular and muscular workout possible. The other terrific thing is these effective workouts take an average of 60 minutes or less to complete . This has made all the difference to a busy mother of 3 that just "didn't have time" to get in a muscle workout with my cardio. Kettlebells are simply fabulous but Betsy and her team make them safe, fun and highly effective.

10/10 A Passion to Inform and Inspire

By Mary Ann Dobbins, MEd / Durham, NC

As a fitness professional, my personal philosphy is that any exercise can be the "right" exercise if it is something you enjoy. Betsy Collie has shown me that kettlebell work at Rapid Results Fitness is the "right" exercise for me. Betsy really pushes me to improve with every workout, something that is difficult to inspire in others.

Not only does Betsy challenge me in our classroom instruction, her passion reaches out into the community. As a lecturer and personal training manager at Duke Univeristy, I have called on Betsy to guest instruct my weight training class and give demos to student groups. She has such a vibrant personality that the students come away with solid technique as well as the inspriation to be better versions of themselves.

What a wonderful fitness resource Betsy is to me and to the Durham Community!!

10/10 This works!

By Julie Chappell / Durham, NC

I started taking classes with Betsy Collie at Rapid Results Fitness in January 2009. During that time I've become stronger all over, especially my core, which has allowed a previously recurring groin injury to heal completely. I had carpal tunnel surgery in April and didn't attend kettlebell classes for about 7 weeks. During that time I developed tendonitis (same hand) but after a few weeks back in class that, too, disappeared. This works! And learning how to use my body more efficiently and safely has made me more conscious of how I perform my usual activities whether digging a new garden bed, unloading grocery bags, or sitting in front of a computer. Kettlebell classes are fun, the instructors are top-notch, and there's great rapport, support, and encouragement between all involved. Betsy is passionate about her work and is an excellent instructor.

10/10 Hip Replacement Success Story

By Robert J. Letourneau / Durham, NC

I am now about 5 weeks post-op from my total left hip replacement surgery and thanks to working with Betsy, my recovery has gone faster than even I expected.

I stopped using my walker only two weeks after surgery, and now, I keep forgetting my cane everywhere (a great sign). My in-home physical therapy ended two weeks post-hospital discharge and my PT said that each time she saw me (every other day), I'd progressed exponentially. I started driving solo three weeks post-op and went back to work in the office four weeks post-op. And the best news, just five weeks following surgery, my doctor has lifted my movement restrictions and I can begin exercising again; including kettlebells.

I am definitely way ahead of the curve in my recovery. Doing kettlebell training for three months pre-surgery seems to have helped so much, especially for the abdominal strength needed initially to just get out of bed and put on my socks. Thanks again, Betsy.

10/10 She is the BEST!

By Karrie Andrews / Chapel Hill, NC

Betsy is an enthusiastic instructor. She is always ready to have fun in class and her positive outlook helps all of us to have the right attitude. I always know that I'm going to have a good time in her class, even when she is kicking my butt! She is an experienced kettlebell trainer and makes sure that we are using proper form to get great results from our training. I think the best thing about Betsy is that she is a great example of what kettlebell training can do for a person. She is strong and lean and awesome!

10/10 2 hr workshop

By Nick Adolph / Hiddenite, NC

My wife and I just took a basic KB workshop with Betsy and we both loved it. Betsy has a level of excellence that is truly inspiring. My wife's squat's were better (deeper) and my overall form has improved significantly. Kettbells have really changed my life for the better, down 43lbs, 6 inches off my waist, gained 1 inch on my bicep and My wife claims that for the first time I have a butt:)

10/10 The Passionate Motivator

By Mike Branton / Durham, NC

I've known Betsy for several years socially. For a long time (Betsy can tell you exactly how long), Betsy talked to me about kettlebells and how I should train with them. So finally this summer I decided to follow through. The results have been great in terms of strength gain, weight loss and healing some nagging injuries (wrist and shoulder). Betsy's style, leadership and dedication as an instructor is second to none. She motivates you when you need it; laughs with you to keep the mood balanced while working out; and designs workouts to keep you on your toes and not bored in the least. Plus she gives you specific instructions about how to do the exercises, which helps those who are new to kettlebells like me as well as those who've been doing it for years. Like the other reviews state, she is an awesome instructor who is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her own physique as well the success of Rapid Results Fitness.

10/10 The best fitness instuctor I've ever had

By John Bailey / Durham, NC USA

Betsy Collie, owner and lead instructor at Rapid Results Fitness in Durham, NC, is fantastic. I've been taking her kettlebell classes since Dec. 2008, and I've lost over 15 lbs., lost at least an inch or two around the waist, and have practically doubled my upper body strength!! Betsy is very positive and supportive, and she has a keen knowledge and eye for kettlebell technique. She is fun, but tough, making sure that you always get the most from your workout by focusing on each and every rep for full contraction and correct movement. Her workout routines are simply the best, including plenty of kettlebell basics, combined with more complex chains and moves to keep things interesting. The resulting cardio and strength workouts are highly effective. I highly recommend Betsy.

10/10 What I recommend to my patients

By David S. Leidich, DC / Durham, NC USA

Since starting my kettlebell training, I have lost 6% body fat, gained great core strength and increased flexibility. As a chiropractor, I see a lot of musculoskeletal problems. Most of these conditions start with old injuries, lack of joint mobility and loss of flexibility. Kettlebell training is the answer for rehabilitation. I advocate this to my patients. I feel safe sending anyone to Betsy because I know she will evaluate their level of fitness and provide a safe and effective exercise program to meet their needs. Along with Z-health and her extensive years with fitness and kettlebell training, she is highly recommended by my colleagues and mutual contacts. This is by far the best physical fitness program I have ever done. Betsy has a love for kettlebell training which is evident in her class design and her dedication to improving form and meeting the needs of the class participants.

10/10 She's got your best interest, your health, at heart.

By Margaret Fields / Carrboro, NC

Betsy has the three things it takes to be a great fitness instructor: enthusiasm, sincerity, and firsthand knowledge and ability. I've been going to Rapid Results for nine months, and Betsy's instruction is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. Her explicit directions and watchful eye keep my form good and keep me reaching for heavier bells as I get stronger over time. With three different class structures each week, strength, cardio, and combo, the classes are never boring, and Betsy has an open friendly style that encourages camaraderie in class. She also has great advice about when to push yourself in weight and when to work on form. All these aspects of the class combine to make a workout that is two or three times harder than one I would devise with kettlebells at home (without the injuries), adding up to a productive three hours each week and a fitness level that easily transfers to backpacking , biking, or any other activity I choose to do. A 40 mile bike ride when I haven't been on the bike for a month is no big deal if I've been going to see Betsy regularly. She's great!

10/10 Walks the Talk

By Reid Mangan / Virginia Beach, VA

Betsy is the real deal. She showed up on a 45 degree morning for a 12 hour day. The next day was nicer with rain. She taught a short notice outdoor certification course to 28 of the best America has to offer. All are deployed at this time hunting in some of the harshest terrain and against some of the most dedicated enemies America has encountered. The average time of service is over 10 years with some nearing 20. I can speak for all of us that this was some of the best, most challenging, most useful training we have recieved. Through kettlebells we were trained in full body training, breathing techniques under stress, and the proper way to explosively move weight while incorporating endurance. One of the most important take aways was the focus in operational durability. As the number of tours mounts, a more critical decision making process is required on the battle field. America needs to retain the experience of the seasoned operator and the training that we recieved allows the operator to srenghten and rehab our bodies in austere environments. Betsy exemplifies the training and theories Pavel and his training brought to our command. She is better than you and you can learn from her example

10/10 A True Southern Belle

By Tim Anderson - RKC II too / Fuquay Varina, NC

I have had the pleasure of working with Betsy on a number of different occasions. She is an outstanding instructor who is passionate about her teaching people how to use kettlebells. Not only is she a perfectionist when it comes to teaching her clients, she practices what she preaches. Betsy is always working on her skills and trying to master her craft. Also, her fun, lighthearted style of instruction is infectious. I've seen numerous people thank her with smiles on their faces after a grueling session. I would recommend Betsy to anyone (who doesn't live in Fuquay) who wants to learn how to truly use a kettlebell and achieve maximum results.

10/10 The Best Motivator!

By Eileen Doherty / Durham, NC

Betsy has an incredible way of motivating everyone in her kettlebell classes, especially me! Sometimes I come to class and want to "just get through it" -- but Betsy's fun, supportive and inspiring personality always manages to turn my attitude around. She has incredible attention to detail and always gives tips and hints which not only improve my technique but make certain moves even easier. Betsy is so passionate about training with kettlebells, that it's contagious! I can't help but smile when I'm participating in her classes. In addition, the workout combinations she puts together ensure a full-body workout. Experienced, extremely professional, and fun to be around!

10/10 The Kettle Belle Rocks!

By David Helwig / Durham, NC USA

Betsy has helped me accomplish more weight loss, fat loss, and strength gain, particularly in my core, than I've been able to accomplish with other trainers and methods of training.

I first met Betsy after curiously walking in to her studio, Rapid Results Fitness. After a quick explanation of kettlebells, and me seeing the sweat and smiles of the participants just finishing up a class, I left knowing I wanted first-hand experience. Within the week, I took her introductory class and committed to 3 months of group training. Now well into my fifth month of training, I leave each class excited about the next one.

Betsy is passionate about kettlebells. She practices and teaches strict form. She continuously demonstrates her ability to recognize when I'm loosing my form and coaches me back to the proper path. She emphasizes which muscles should be firing and how to visualize the arc to help me guide the kettlebell properly. Even when my routine is going well, she feeds me cues to keep me focused and on target.

While her adherence to form is strict, her coaching style is not. She motivates me through her personable and humorous banter. I enjoy her strenuous routines and the camaraderie she invokes in class. And I am loving the rapid improvements in my health and abilities.

10/10 Real Results

By Lucia Apollo Shaw / Chapel Hill, NC

I started training with KB's last July and train with Betsy at Rapid Results. I am following the plan and going 3 times a week. My bodyfat percentage has dropped a little over 10% since that time. I've built muscle I think for the first time in my life. I'm so motivated and having so much fun with this that I've decided to go for another 5% body fat drop which will be tougher to do given where I am now. I wouldn't even try if I wasn't training with Betsy and her KBs, but I think I can actually do it. Might take several more months I'm sure, but I'll have fun doing it. Training with Betsy is just 3 hours a week for a big bang of a benefit. I've never done anything like this so it's fun for me. And the environment is really supportive - both in the training and from my fellow KB'rs. Every time I see a cardio day on the board I never think I'll be able to do it...but Betsy always says take it 1 rep at a time..and every time it's a miracle, but I finish the workout!

10/10 Outstanding

By Shane Beauregard / Greensboro, NC

Being somewhat new to kettlebells, I did not know what to expect. Betsy was recommended to me by one of my clients. She did not disappoint. She is passionate, knowledgable, and technical. Her instruction was easy to follow, and I am glad I made the trip the Durham. She has opened my eyes to kettlebell training, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at kettlebell training! Thank you Betsy!

10/10 Thanks Betsy!

By Bonnie Boone / Durham, NC

It is hard to believe I have been Kettle Bell training with Betsy for over a year! The training has changed my body and my life. Before I started I was suffering with a frozen shoulder. A year of cortizone shots and manipulation and it still wasn't "fixed" and fully useable until Kettle Bells. I am so thrilled with my results- for my shoulder and the rest of me. I am stronger than ever, have more energy and actually look forward to every workout! There are not too many fitness activities you can say that about. Betsy makes class challenging and fun, the classes have become a highlight of my day. I am ready for anything when I walk out of Rapid Results Fitness!

Thanks Betsy!

10/10 Fun, Friendly, and Focused on Results!

By Allison K / Durham, NC

Betsy Collie and Kettlebells has given me a new body and a new attitude towards fitness - an awesome group-style class that gives you energy and motivation! As a graduate student, I felt sedentary from working at a computer, and Kettlebells was exactly what I needed: toned muscles, more energy, and the upbeat motivation and instruction from Betsy. If you are ready for a lifestyle change, you are ready for Kettlebells.

I had never lifted weights before, always intimidated by gyms. Rapid Results has been the perfect workout studio, personal training and non-gym environment. I can highly recommend Rapid Results because you will see results. I lost three pant sizes and inches off my waist. I just received a dress that I order three months ago, and it is four inches too big. Thank you, Betsy, for a new path to fitness and true rapid results! Your fun, friendly, and focused classes have been the key to my success and my smaller waistline! Betsy is an awesome trainer, motivator, and friend. Her love of kettlebells is contagious as well as her genuine interest in seeing results. Thank you, Betsy!

10/10 Superb

By Lionel Nelson / Durham, NC

Betsy is a fantastic instructor, wonderful motivator and superb trainer. Betsy takes a hands on approach to teaching and educating when it comes to kettle bells and nutritional training. I feel like I have every resource available to be in the best shape possible and it's totally up to me to capitalize on it. The workouts are rewarding, exhausting, and fun.

As a dentist, I sit most of the day so it is extremely important for me to develop and maintain good core strength to prevent injury and insure that I can have some longevity to my career. I believe I more than achieve that through my kettle bell workouts.

Betsy is a great kettle bell instructor and even a better person.

10/10 Betsy: The Queen of Lean

By Betty Hitchcock / Carrboro, NC USA

Betsy is just awesome.

My kettle bell workouts with Betsy began a year ago. I started with the tiniest of bells. Betsy gave me encouragement to not be discouraged as others in the class were working with the larger bells. Of course, I have moved on to heavier bells. If I ever doubt my progress, I just look over at the wimpy bells and know that Betsy and her never wavering enthusiasm have brought me a long way!

Her instruction style is amazing. She is quick to correct form (she is a stickler) and applaud personal bests. Classes are not rote. The workouts change every two days. New moves are constantly introduced. Classes are composed of men and women, the old and the young and everyone is having a good time. We are talking about real kettle bell camaraderie here!

Lastly, at 50 years old and not needing to lose weight, my specific results have been in muscle definition and strength...not to mention the new bounce in my step!

10/10 Awesome Training, Awesome Instructor!

By Angie Roberts / Chapel Hill, NC

The Kettle bell program has been a great experience for me. Before I started KB's, my exercise routine was jogging 4 miles and lifting weights. This would take 2 hours, 4 days a week. I was working out so hard and still not getting results. Since KB training I am getting the results I want and I only have to do KBs 1 hour, 3 days a week because it is cardio and weight training combined to make a complete all over body work out. It is truly the best exercise program I have ever done.

Thanks Betsy!

10/10 Hard work, results, and good times

By Josh Bond / Durham, NC USA

I have been training with Betsy for 10 weeks. I got interested in training with Kettlebells after reading that this was an effective to way to build strength, especially for people with shoulder injuries. As a competitive open water swimmer, I have noticed incredible gains in strength and I am experiencing less shoulder pain in and out of the pool.

Rapid Results Fitness is a friendly high energy place to get fit. Betsy is knowledgeable and very generous with her instruction and she can provide that kick in the pants when you need that extra push. It's hard work, but it's a good time.

10/10 Fun and Effective - that's Betsy!

By Joe Porcheddu / Chapel Hill, NC

I started training under Betsy's instruction 6 months ago. Under her guidance and encouragement, I've seen my muscle mass and muscle definition increase, and my waistline shrink! Betsy provides a fun and comfortable environment for exercise Before I found Betsy and Rapid Results Fitness I had become increasingly sedentary due to a lower back injury - but now I'm having fun and getting in the best shape of my life. Thanks Betsy!

10/10 Phenomenal Workouts!!!

By Jim Saeli / Durham, NC

I am brand new to KBs, but only 4 classes in I can tell I've stumbled onto something big! Is this too soon to already "feel" so different? Betsy has coached all 4 classes, and she has a great ability to keep all who are there motivated "through the pain". I haven't gotten this great of a work-out since the late 90s doing heavy bag work and drills in kickboxing... and I love it!! I've had a nagging elbow injury that recurs if I'm not careful with it, and Betsy helped me modify one of the moves that made all the difference. The swing actually feels good on the elbow! I'm counting on KB training to ultimately strengthen my "old" joint problems.

I recall the first class I attended, and seeing what KB training has done for Betsy... very muscular, but petite. She lifted one of the "big boy" KBs (106 lber?) and started swinging it with ease like it was a can of peas. Very inspiring! I am EXCEEDINGLY pleased and excited with this new type of training, and with Betsy as my coach. It sounds cliche`, but I'm counting on Betsy and co-owner Geoff Neupert to help me get into the best shape of my life!

10/10 I am so glad I found her!

By Melissa Shaffer / Durham, NC USA

I drove by the Rapid Results Fitness sign and decided to look them up on the web. I was excited by the amount of information they had posted and by the idea of trying something new, kettle bells, and decided to give it a try.

That was about six weeks ago and I am glad I did!

Betsy is very personable and easy to spend time with. Each time we are together, we try something new so I don't get bored. She also pays close attention to my form.

She keeps me motivated and she keeps things fun!

10/10 I Changed My Workout Time Just to Work With Betsy

By Denise Chambley / Durham, NC

When I joined Rapid Results Fitness and started doing the group classes with Betsy I fell in love with her teaching style and personality. She makes it fun! She focuses on perfect technique and helps each individual in the class tweak everything in a personal way just for them. I have been using KBs for about 4 years, so I was not a beginner. Yet, Betsy helped me recognize some areas where I had gotten lazy over time. I feel like I am "new" because of my new perfected form. Oh, and did I say, she makes it FUN?! She adds some humor and makes it real. She gently pushes each of us to the next level in a safe way. I even changed my workout schedule just to be able to attend her classes. Thank you Betsy!!

10/10 Betsy is amazing!

By Kiki Barnes / Durham, NC

I visited Rapid Results fitness for a Jump Start class yesterday with Betsy and I tell ya, I am so glad I went! I was very nervous about using kettlebells and was very concerned about form. I found the class through using this site and it was worth every penny. I believe I ripped them off, so I need to go back, don't I:-) Betsy took all the fear out of using kettlebells and taught in a way that made me very comfortable and very motivated to continue training. Like one of the other reviews, she's definitely looks the part (her body is off the chain, I almost dropped my teeth when I found out she had kids:-) but at the same time, makes you feel comfortable about yours. She just really seems like she wants you to get the most out of training. I enjoyed her instruction tremendously and would refer anyone to check her kettlebell classes out at Rapid Results Fitness in Durham, NC!!!!!!

10/10 Outstanding and Passionate Instructor Who Leads By Example

By Geoff Neupert, SrRKC / Durham, NC

"I've had the opportunity to work with Betsy both as a client and an instructor and all I can say is, "Wow!" Betsy's intensity and passion for teaching others about fitness is almost unmatchable. The best part is that not only does she talk the talk, she walks the walk. This mother of three is in PHENOMENAL shape and is a motivation to all the women she trains. She even outworks the men! Now transfer all this passion and energy to teaching others about kettlebells and you have a deadly (to fat and flab that is...) combination. Her technical prowess with a kettlebell is remarkable for any instructor, let alone an instructor who has only been credentialed since October 2007. This is why I have recently started a kettlebell class-based business together with Betsy as the lead instructor and in less than three weeks clients were already seeing results and were truly amazed. As a SrRKC, I can't recommend training with Betsy enough. I have absolute confidence that anyone who's lucky enough to train with her will be absolutely thrilled with their results."

10/10 Lead on Betsy!

By Lynn Toms / Durham, NC USA

I have taken classes under Betsy's instruction for many years. I'm continually amazed by her energy, enthusiasm and (much needed) humor during each and every class. Even when it's standing room only, she manages to focus on correcting the form of attendees so they may realize the full benefit.

It was a no brainer for me to try Kettle Bells, since Betsy spoke so highly of it. My every expectation was met and then some. Under Betsy's guidance I've quickly adapted to this new form of exercise. I will admit I was a bit reluctant to try a couple of the exercises due to an ongoing shoulder injury. But Betsy was able to show me a modified version that enables me to get the maximum benefit without risk of injury. I would never be able to complete a Kettle Bell class without Betsy's drive and genuine attitude to see me and fellow participants succeed. I'm very pleased with the results I've achieved so far and look forward to training with Betsy for years to come!!